Episode 1: 5th of Rain, 721ia (Aug. 25/16)

Together again, for the very first time.

1.          The Adventure Begins

A collection of neophyte adventurers blundered around Delver’s Square in Midtown looking for fun and/or trouble. Realizing that they were the only beings there of comparative ability, they decided to band together, at least for a while, and pool their meagre resources and skills in an attempt to increase them.

The cast:

  • Krusher: a half-orc barbarian with no apparent gear
  • Raster: a hayseed Littoran barbarian who’s new to this human-oriented city
  • Rogue 1: a halfling rogue (Player G hasn't bothered to pick a name yet…eventually he becomes Lift)
  • Ta’Lind-el Nar: an elf cleric who claims to be favoured by his as-yet-unknown deity
  • Targill: a grailwarden dwarf bard who has been disowned by his family for choosing such an ignoble career

They found a few leads on gainful employment and other diversions.

  1. There is a standard bounty on the rat men that infest the sewers. Although it is known that these rat men are more like mongrelmen rather than lycanthropes, with limited gear and supplies an expedition through the sewers didn’t seem too attractive.
  2. A drug known as “shivvel” is creating a lot of street addicts. Where is it coming from?
  3. A dark elf mage/thief named Shilukar is wanted, dead or alive, for breaking into the residences of the noble Abanar family. He apparently has gnoll servants, which are very rare in Ptolus. He uses a fence named Amaldar. Derred Abanar’s family is one of the largest and wealthiest noble clans, but is not well-regarded nor the most powerful. There is discord among his many children. The family sells minor titles for around 10K gold.
  4. A pro-cessation republican rally is being held in front of the Administration building in Old Town this afternoon.


While wandering around looking for a cheap lunch, the group heard female screams coming from a nearby alley. Looking down the narrow passage, they saw a couple of toughs assaulting a pregnant young woman. Spotting an opportunity to do some good and maybe snag some loot without ducking into the filthy sewers, they sprang into action. Ta’Lind-el rushed up to one of the thugs and walloped him with his mace, causing his foe to drop to the ground and cover up. Raster leapt forward and pulled the woman away from the other tough. Targill cast a Flare in the guy’s face as he broke and ran down the alley. Krusher used his superior speed to race past his fleeing foe to block his exit, but his hobnailed boots slipped on the rain-slicked cobbles and he slid on his backside, watching helplessly as the second thug sped on by him and escaped. (What did soon-to-be-named-Lift do?)

As Raster consoled the woman, the others interrogated the unfortunate tough. His name was Derrel, and he and his partner in crime were members of the Pale Dogs, the largest gang in the poor part of town. They were working free-lance and had been hired by a man named Doffel to kill Phon Quartermail. He’d paid them each 10 gp in advance, and promised another 40 each on proof of completion. According to a note he produced, they were to meet him at the Red Warehouse on Abel Row two hours after dark.

When Phon was questioned about why she would be the target of such a nasty scheme, she swore that she had no idea, and asked to be left alone. She works as a seamstress and is unmarried.

The party helped themselves to Derrel’s coin and gear, then turned him over to the watch. When he complained about the party’s treatment of him, and the loss of his stuff, they denied everything, and the watch encouraged his swift departure with the toe of a sturdy boot.

Leaving still-named-Rogue-1 and Krusher to keep an eye on Phon’s residence in case thug #2 returned, the others made discrete inquiries at Phon’s workplace, where they learned that she is skilled at her craft, has no known boyfriend, never seems to lack for money, and spends much of her off-work hours at the chapel of St. Gustav. The cleric at the chapel knows Phon and is worried about her. He thinks she has had an unhappy end to a love affair and that the attack may be related to this. He asks us to watch out for her.

Targill, Ta’Lind-el and Raster then scouted out the Red Warehouse, a bustling two-storey structure in a commercial district. Peering inside the open freight doors, they saw stacks of crates and bales of various goods. There was no sign of illegal activities. Raster inquired about employment opportunities, but was turned down. They then returned to Phon’s place to collect their companions, who had seen nothing untoward happening there.

Thanks to Derrel’s coins, the party was able to secure accommodations at The Ghostly Minstrel. Seeing as the rooms were located on the “haunted” third floor, there was a discount. After a tasty supper, the team headed for the Red Warehouse.




forgetful_ca Targill

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