Episode 2: 5th of Rain, 721ia (Sept. 1/16)

You're here for what?

The party found the staff at the Red Warehouse closing up for the day as dusk approached. They found hiding spots that let them watch both the freight doors and a smaller door down a side alley. About an hour after dark, two men and a large dog came down the street, turned down the alley and entered the warehouse by the back door. Were they “Doffel” and an accomplice, or just the warehouse’s night crew? Since they’d left the door open, the party decided on the former. After two hours, Targill and Raster listened at the freight doors. Raster could hear the dog snuffling around inside. After four hours, Lift (he hasn't officially determined a name for himself yet, but I'm tired of adding edits to keep the rogue 1 joke running) noticed that the door had closed. Apparently, they’d grown tired of waiting for Derrel and his friend. A quick huddle resulted in  Krusher and Raster knocking on the door to try and bluff their way through. That failed miserably and the man in the dark behind the door ordered an attack. As Raster moved into the room, he was attacked by the wolf-sized canine. It gave him a little nip. Krusher made up for his wipe-out earlier in the day by crit’ing the dog with his greataxe and turning it into chopped meat. He then moved to block someone coming down the stairs. Raster quickly dropped the other man, and the first foe, a shoal elf, surrendered. He reveals that he (Laucio) and the other (Vagger) had been ordered by Toridan Cran to kill Phon and tie up any loose ends. Their plan was to hire Derrel and his buddy to do the deed, and then kill them to tidy up. They were paid 100 gp for this. Cran is an upstart gang leader who operates out of his residence, a small wooden structure on Nar Street in Midtown. The party looted the two thugs of their coin and gear, and turned down Laucio’s offer to join the group.

Heading to Nar Street, the party easily found Cran’s lair. Low lights from inside the shuttered windows prompted Lift to listen at the doors. Two voices could be heard inside the back door. While his companions waited at the doors, almost-named-Lift scrambled to the roof and plugged the chimney. Wheezing and coughing soon brought grins to the party’s faces, but apparently there wasn’t enough of a fire to cause an evacuation. Some of the shutters were opened, which eased the occupants’ condition. As the ambushers hopefully waited by the doors, a half-orc leapt through the front window to confront Ta’Lind-el and Targill, brandishing a greataxe and accusing us of being a hit squad from a rival gang. The fight was on!

Wanting to keep Cran alive for questioning, Ta’Lind-el cast Magic Stone and chucked one at him. Targill swung at him with his sap, and Lift fired arrows from the roof. Slashes from the greataxe narrowly missed the elf, who was wearing Laucio’s chainmail.

Meanwhile, Raster and Krusher had kicked open the back door and rushed in to find a fighter type and a scrawny guy in cloth. Krusher ran up to the latter and punched him. He retaliated by using a scroll to summon a small fire elemental. Really? In a wooden house? Raster took on the fighter and the two traded blows. Krusher tried to grapple the mage, but he was wounded by the caster’s dagger as he closed in, and further injured by a Burning Hands spell. Seeing this through the open window, the cleric flung another stone and KO’d the mage. Raster’s opponent got in a lucky shot and the big Littoran went down, barely conscious. Enraged, Krusher slew the elemental with a single blow then went after the fighter. Raster , also angered by his foe’s successful strike, swung from his knees and felled his enemy.

Out front, Cran had landed a telling blow on Ta’Lind-el, despite more sap whacks and arrows from Targill and now-finally-actually-named-Lift. Finally, he dropped unconscious. He was dragged unceremoniously back inside, the chimney was unclogged, the doors and shutters were closed, wounds were healed, the party prepared for the interrogation of Toridan Cran.



forgetful_ca Targill

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