Episode 15: 23rd of Bloom, 721 ia (Dec. 1/16)

Chest? What chest?

As the party finished their training, their potions, now identified by Mayreath, were delivered by young Iltimar (who desperately wants to be a delver when he grows up).

Trying to clean up loose ends, the party headed back to Shilukar's lair beneath the junkyard, only to find that the chaositech and the idol had been removed.

En route to the Delvers' Guild, they noticed a quartet of ogres carrying a large chest as they exited the "down below". Ever curious, Lift followed them to a dilapidated tenement near the docks.

In the morning, Targill was looking around Delvers' Square for employment opportunities when he was approached by a woman (Ireale Tesimial) who reported that she had overheard a converssation that one "Kellisan Faymer" was going to pay the for ogres for the chest with "two kids", but that she didn't want to get involved. If such a transaction was to take place, surely a band of heroes was duty-bound to prevent it. And hopefully profit in the act.

The party headed to Kellisan's textile shop on Bladeburn St. in the South Market. Targill found out the Ireale and Kellisan used to be a couple, but broke up a few months ago. Kellisan's goods are mid-range at best, with nothing stylish enough for the bard's needs.

Hoping to get more information out of Ireale, Targill tracked down her residence and informed her that "Kell was dead." She refused to open her door, and didn't want to have anything more to do with us.

Lift and Raster hid out near the ogres' residence, where they were "scared off" by the brutes' leader.

Later that night, the four ogres left with the chest, heading west. Lift followed them, with Raster trailing behind. When it became apparent that the ogres were heading toward the South Market, Raster scooted ahead and collected the rest of the party from the Ghostly Minstrel. They sped off to Kell's House of Discount Textiles, hoping to beat the ogres there. Successful in their race, they found spots to hide and waited for their quarry to approach.

The ogres could soon be seen lumbering down the street, two carrying the chest. Arriving at Kell's front door, the leader and one other wrestled the chest inside, leaving the other two outside to guard. Krusher and Raster started an argument in the street as a distraction, but Lift hit an ogre with an arrow and the fight was on, despite Targill's protests. The two guards went down pretty easily, but then the leader burst through the door. Tal's Spiritual Weapon and Magical Bolt played a big part in dropping the second pair of ogres.

Kell took one look at the party and the four dead ogres and took off upstairs. Raster followed him. Targill found the chest in the front room, locked, along with a bag of coins. Raster retrieved Kell, thanks to a solid act of intimidation. He denied anything about paying for the chest with kids, and said that Ireale was quite the looney since their breakup. He also said that the party could take the chest, in between calling for help. Lift tried to quickly pick the lock on the chest, which turned out to have a nifty anti-pick protection, appearing to fill with solder. The party carried off the chest and disappeared into the night, leaving Kell in hysterics with his bag of gold and busted front door..


forgetful_ca Targill

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