Episode 19: 25th Bloom 721 ia (Jan. 12/17)

Up, up, and away!

Facing a squad of skeletons armed with bows and led by a skeletal swordswoman, the party prepared for battle.

The leader moved forward to block the doorway and hit Krusher, who hit her twice in return. Tal cured some of the damage that Krusher had suffered, while Targill started an inspiring tale of battle, and Lift fired an arrow at the undead. Raster rushed past the leader and into the room, taking a hit as he did so, and hit back in return. The six archers all fired at Krusher, but only hit once, prompting Tal to do more curing. The leader and Krusher traded hits, while the archers couldn't hit anything. Tal followed Raster's lead and pushed into the room and dropped the leader with a solid mace blow. The undead archers were quickly dispatched. The entire party noticed that as Tal entered melee combat, his skin turned a dark red and his nails grew long and coarse. The effect passed quickly, leaving all puzzled, especially Tal.

The two barbarians, still in the throes of their battle rage, rushed up the stairs to the next level, with Raster lagging behind. They found an open room, with another staircase going up and a door to the west. Krusher paused a moment to scan the room, then continued upwards, exiting the central tower and moving across a bridge to the southwest tower.

As he approached the far end of the bridge, the door burst open and a weird humanoid emerged. It had two heads, three arms, and a number of tubes and wires hung from it's body. Was this the Cobbled Man that they had heard about from Taunell? Rather than face it alone, Krusher turned and ran back toward the party, hoping to lure the creature into a fight where he  could fight alongside his companions. The deformed being followed him halfway across the bridge, then stopped and ranted for a while before returning to its tower.

Meanwhile, Lift was searching the skeletal corpses and then the rooms. He found a secret door on the south wall that led the roof garden area. A red robe decorated with strange sigils was also found. Targill believed that it belonged to a member of the cult that once operated from here.

"Chaos is the key" echoed through the manor. The third phrase!

Tal, back to his normal self, read through Maquent's journal and related more interesting details about the seer's time in the Pythoness House.

Moving up to the next level, the party opened the door to the west, revealing a second hall with another door, and are area where a balcony was once located. This could be a spot to exit the building if they couldn't get past whatever was barring the front entrance.

Following the clues from the journal, they searched the room at the top of the stairs and found a secret door in the ceiling. The key that Lift had found on the ledge below opened it.


forgetful_ca Targill

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