Episode 28: 5th of Growth, 721 ia (March 14, 2017)

Paladin found!

Krusher forged ahead to see where the bug golems had come from. He found a flight of stairs going up. The big half-orc led the way as the party climbed the stairs, and as he turned right at the top, a large muscular being with dark skin and glowing yellow eyes appeared behind him. Cold water dripped from its body. It hit him with its claws, then Raster charged up the stairs and smote it a good one, causing it to "poof" out.

They carried on and found themselves at a catwalk above the large room they'd found on the floor below. There was a large weird machine with a brassy shell below them. Its function was beyond Targill's engineering knowledge.

Going back the other way, they found a corridor with lots of steel doors – some closed and some open. Lift looked in one room and found a coffin-sized metal box with straps fastened inside it. The box had four amethysts mounted on it. Another room had nothing in it. Krusher opened another door – nothing of note inside, nor in any of the others. Lift was able to remove the amethysts from the metal box without incident.

Lift then checked the door across from the stairs. There didn't appear to be any traps, so he opened it. Inside was a pit, with a giant climbing out of it. As he was about to cast his Spiritual Weapon spell, Tal realized that something wasn't quite right about the giant. He decided not to complete the casting. Raster moved into the room and missed. Krusher got strategic and said "Let's fight him out here." Lift saw a "gourd" (or maybe a flask) come flying out of teh room. He caught it and tossed it back in. There was a "whoomp" and a good-sized whirlwind appeared in the pit. The giant disappeared and a strange six-limbed creature (vaguely resembling a centaur) came into view as it was being spun around by the whirlwind. Raster quickly made his exit and Krusher slammed the door. The rest of the crew spiked it shut, but it seemed that the portal could barely contain the storm. After a round, the door flew open and the whirlwind emerged, still carrying the now-unconscious creature. After a few rounds of moving around the complex, it dissipated. The party tracked it to find the battered remains of a female half-human/half- beast. They looted the body of its gear. Looking in the room where she'd started out, they could see four heavy chains with manacles in the pit.

Moving back to the catwalk, they explored the door to the southeast. As they entered, they saw a large metal statue of a warrior. It assumed an aggressive posture. Targill struck it with an arrow, but it didn't even scratch it. He withdrew back to the doorway, and Lift got out of the room entirely. The statue charged, then fell apart as it reached the nervous adventurers, spilling magical goo over Raster and Tal. They were affected - in a good way! Lift re-entered the room to search the remains, and then it blew up. Targill (back by the door) was far enough away to avoid any damage, and Lift managed to evade the blast, but the rest of the party were injured. There was a door on the far side of the room, and it was covered with runes and seals. The runes were similar to those on the door they had found earlier at the west end of the arena.

Moving along the corridor to the northeast, they found a wrecked laboratory with brass plates that appeared to fit the machine in the arena. A corridor to the west led to a room with a silver-haired man standing over a fallen man. They hailed him and asked if he was Kalerecent the paladin of Lothian.

He was indeed that worthy, and he and his fallen companion had snuck in and surveyed the place. A lamia ( the creature in the whirlwind) slew his friend. He had managed to re-seal the door at the west end of the arena, but something had got through and entered the door first.

The application of several curative spells soon had Kalerecent back in fighting form, and the party helped him and his fallen friend out of the complex and into the city. Sadly, the effects of the magic burst on Tal and Raster fade away. At the Chapel of St. Gustav, the party was healed of their wounds and ailments and paid 400 GP each.

The party was invited to the Grand Temple of Lothian. They were asked to find out more about the magic that sealed the Bane Wardens. A Legend Lore scroll was provided to them, to be cast at the large sealed door.


forgetful_ca Targill

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