Episode 3: 6th of Rain, 721ia (Sept. 8/16)

Ghosties and Goblins, Oh My!

While Cran was unconscious and bound, the party stripped him and his accomplices, then searched the building. Targill found a key fastened to the underside of the table, and several people noticed a loose floorboard in the living room. Hidden under the floorboard was a metal lockbox, which matched the key. Inside were two potions, two vials and a couple of flasks, along with a bag of coins. A ledger, a spellbook, and a textbook on magic were also recovered. The ledger was a simple handwritten account book, with names, dates, and numbers.  It revealed that a few days ago Cran was paid 200 GP to assassinate Phon, with specific instructions to subcontract the hit and then eliminate any loose ends. The contract was let by “Methul Watcher”. There are other names and dates in the book.

The spellbook contains 19 cantrips and eight first-level spells.

Cran was awakened none to gently and, once he realized that we weren’t gangland rivals after his turf, confirmed what had been discovered in the ledger. “Methul Watcher” had contacted him, and paid him in advance, arriving by himself with the coins. He had worn normal clothes, but didn’t act like a person who was used to that sort of gear.

After a brief discussion, it was decided to turn Cran over to the watch in the hope that there would be a small reward for a criminal of his low rank. Indeed, the party was given a chit for 50 GP, to be redeemed at the Admin Bldg once it opened.

On the way back to the Ghostly Minstrel for an early breakfast and a well-deserved rest, the party was accosted by Errol Vinnick, an old man who wanted the “haunted house” in his neighbourhood investigated and cleaned out. The neighbours had scraped together 75 GP for a reward. The party agreed to meet him there later in the afternoon.

Rest and recuperation were the orders for the morning. Lift and Targill, being uninjured, cashed in the reward chit while the others slept.

Looking at the pile of loot that had been accumulated, the party set out to determine what was worth keeping, and what could be liquidated. A trip to Myrath’s Oddities resulted in the sale of the magic text and payment for identifying the magical cloak and 4 potions that we’d recovered. The results will be known in a day. At the Armory, the best and most useful of the gear was distributed among the party members, and the remainder was sold. The remaining cash on hand was divided among the party members.

Arriving at the “haunted house”, the party found a gathering crowd of curious onlookers that scattered as preliminary investigations elicited strange moans from the disused structure’s interior. Lift searched the front door for traps and declared it safe. However, his search must have missed the bucket of filth that fell once the door was opened. The adventurers were disgusted, but not enough to be debilitated.

As Raster peered into the dark interior, a ghostly white shape flew toward him. Lift was sure that it was some sort of foul spirit, but the others sensed that it was some sort of flying creature draped with an old sheet. Raster swiped at it with his paw and swatted it to the floor where it twitched once and lay still. Suddenly a goblin leapt from behind a pile of broken crates and attacked the littoran. Tal stepped forward and brought it down with a single swing of his mace. The “ghost” was revealed to be a strange insectoid thing with bat-like wings and a long piercing proboscis.

There being no other apparent foes, Lift began to search through the ground floor. The dust and dirt on the floorboards showed that there had been recent traffic. A look in the rear kitchen room showed it to be littered with garbage and bones, some humanoid. A trapdoor to the cellar was found under the rubbish. Before the basement was investigated, the party did a quick search of the second story and found nothing of note.

The ladder leading down to the basement looked worn and rickety, so a rope was secured and lowered down. Raster had begun to climb down when he noticed three goblins ready to throw javelins at him. He dropped the rest of the way and charged them, but swung wide with his greataxe. Krusher swung down and killed one, Targill came down and wounded one with an arrow, Tal crit’d and killed one and Lift finished off the wounded one with another arrow. The room was crowded with decaying junk, but a search found an opening into the west foundation wall. Krusher moved through and found himself in a room of entirely different construction. There were six goblins in the room. A flurry of combat resulted in a half dozen dead goblins. Searching through the detritus, which the goblins had surely considered to be of great value, a few low coins, a clock and a silver hand mirror were recovered.

With no other avenues left to explore, the party exited the house and proclaimed it free of all spirits, malign or otherwise, to the relief and amazement of the neighbours. The 75 GP reward was collected and the party returned to the Ghostly Minstrel



forgetful_ca Targill

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